Bazooka Zoo Wildlife Project

by Bazooka Zac

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New music for new causes.

In an effort to bridge the gap between art, science, work, and pleasure, I am officially launching the Bazooka Zoo Wildlife Project. This platform will connect experimental music production with wildlife conservation across the globe. Your donations will directly aid current environmental movements while encouraging local collaborations.

Downloads of singles will benefit specific wildlife conservation projects.
Downloads of the EP in it's entirety will benefit Bazooka Zoo Music HQ.

Slow Inferno
Download the latest Bazooka Zac single here. 100% of your donations will support the Friends of Hwange Trust in Zimbabwe. This effort will help protect our world’s priceless wild places and life.

Cenote of Bones
Download the latest Bazooka Zac single here. 100% of your donations will support Bazooka Zoo HQ. Our home and studio reside here in Reno, NV. Any donations will go directly towards equipment upgrades, maintenance, and logistics support for artist hospitality and creative investments.

Two Doors: Illusion & Truth & Open Up The Sky
Download the latest Bazooka Zac single here. 100% of your donations will support the U.S. Wolf Refuge in Reno, NV. Coordinated by Brittany Straw, this collaborative release will use local platforms to raise awareness and funds for these wolves and their habitats.

Visual explosions for Open Up The Sky can be viewed here:


released August 8, 2015

//Writing, performing, recording, mixing, mastering by Bazooka Zac\\



all rights reserved


Bazooka Zac Reno, Nevada

Bazooka Zac Productions and Collaborations.
Deep Space Vibes.

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Track Name: Slow Inferno

Your breath is a fire
A temple of old
A sea of sapphire
Of wisdom untold

Your breath is a fire
Wind and the snow
The world a choir
Of water and stone


Is Burning.
The Embers Glow.
In Motion.
And Smoke Rings.

Your breath is a fire
Thawing my road
The tread on these tires
Is wearing down slow

Your breath is a fire
Igniting my soul
The world will spiral
But you're in control

Track Name: Cenote of Bones
//Feel The Weight Of The World Let Go\\
//Free Your Head\\
//Right Now\\

//I Feel The Tide Pull Down\\
//Beyond The Waves That We've Made\\
//I Feel An Ocean Of Sound\\
//Through Liquid And Space\\
//Found Underground\\
//A Distant Age\\

//Cenote Of Bones\\
//I Found My Soul At The Bottom Of A Cave\\
//Liquid Gold\\
Track Name: Open Up The Sky
Open Up The Sky
Atmospheres And Time Don't Hold The End
(I'm Leaving The Atmosphere, I'm Leaving The Atmosphere)
Open Up Your Eyes We Are Reflections Of Our Minds
(I'm Floating Through A Blackhole)
Open Up The Sky We Are The Rain